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Genetics-Kay's mom

gene located on a chromosome and contains the DNA code for a trait.
dominant trait the strong trait. It always shoes up if it is present, even if it's only one.
recessive trait the weaker trait. TWO must be present in order for it to show up.
environment all of the living and non living things that surround and affect an organism.
acquired traits (learned traits) a behavior that an animal acquires through experience.
inherited traits characteristics passed from parents to their offspring
instinct a behavior that an organism inherits that is usually essential (needed) for survival.
Examples of instincts: crying baby, staying in a herd, making a web, migrating
What is a life cycle? the stages a living thing passes through as it grows (birth to death).
Where are chromosomes found in an animal cell? the nucleus.
Name survival instincts of a dog: barking, sleeping, eating, growling, biting.
How do changes to an environment affect the organisms that live there? animals DNA may change over time to better survive in the new environment.
Examples of acquired traits: speaking, walking, riding a bike.
Examples of inherited traits: eye color, hair color, tongue rolling, height, flower petal colors.
Created by: dreekaowens