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Sun, Moon, Planets

Investigation 1

Predict saying what you think will happen
property A characteristic that describes a substance, such as color, size, shape or texture
classify organizing things into groups based on attributes
observe when you see something happen or you look carefully to find out what will happen
compare identifying ways that things are the same
model an explanation or representation of an object, system, or process that cannot be easily seen or studied
procedure doing something a particular way, following steps
claim when you say something is true
evidence something you believe to be true because you saw, experienced, or read about it
reason thinking about something in an orderly, logical way
axis an imaginary line around which a sphere, like a planet, rotates
compass an instrument for determining directions, as by means of a freely rotating magnetized needle that indicates magnetic north
day the time between sunrise and sunset on Earth
night the time between sunset and sunrise on Earth
North Pole one of the ends of an imaginary axle, called an axis, on which Earth rotates. It always points towards the North Star
North Star the star positioned directly over Earth’s North Pole; also known as Polaris
orbit to move or travel around an object in a curved path
orientation the direction something points
revolution to travel around something else in a circular path; orbit
rotation turning around on an axis
shadow the dark area behind an object that blocks light
Sun the star at the center of the solar system around which everything else orbits
sunrise the point between night (darkness) and day (daylight). The time at which day first happens.
sunset the point between day (daylight) and night (darkness). The time at which night first happens.
Created by: krenae2004