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Seitz VA Resources

VA Resources

What are some natural resources of Virginia? Clean water, minerals, wildlife, land, and forests.
What is groundwater? Water found beneath the earth’s surface.
What is a river? A natural stream of fresh water flowing along a definite path.
What is a lake? A body of water entirely surrounded by land and not connected to the sea except by rivers or streams.
What is a reservoir? A natural or artificial lake or large tank used for collecting and storing water.
What is a bay? A wide indentation in a shoreline having deep water that is surrounded by land on three sides.
What is an ocean? A very large body of salt water that is one of the five on Earth.
What is a watershed? An area of land that drains into a body of water.
What watershed are we a part of? Chesapeake Bay Watershed.
What is a watershed address? It is the combination of numbers that tells the parts of the watershed.
What are some minerals found in Virginia? Coal, limestone, gravel, granite, and sand.
Why is soil an important natural resource? Grows plants like apples, tobacco, soybeans and other plants used for animal feed.
What is public land? Land that all people can use. Includes state and national forests, state and national parks, beaches, wildlife management areas, and historic sites.
What is conservation? Protecting land for animal ecosystems that allows animals to live and people to enjoy the land as well.
Created by: Seitz