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Seitz Earth/ Space

Interrelationships between Earth and Space System

What does weather include? Temperature, wind and precipitation.
How is temperature measured? Thermometer
How is wind speed measured? Anemometer
How is precipitation measured? Rain gauge
Name 4 forms of precipitation. Rain, sleet, hail, and snow.
What is an air mass? Large body if air with the same temperature and humidity
What is a front? Where 2 air masses of different temperature come together.
A _______________front is formed when a cold air mass pushes into a warm air mass. Cold causing thunderstorms
A _______________ front is formed when a warm air mass pushes into a cold air mass. Warm causing light rain
What is air pressure? How much the air presses down on things.
What is used to measure air pressure? Barometer
Low pressure areas form when air ____________ causing clouds wind and rain. Warms
High pressure areas form when air ____________ causing dry, fair weather. Cools
Name 3 kinds of storms. Hurricanes, thunderstorms, and tornadoes.
How do thunderstorms form? Cold front gets under a warm front.
What happens during a thunderstorm? Lightning, thunder, heavy rain, and wind
How does a hurricane form? It begins as a thunderstorm over the ocean. Gathers warm water and grows into a hurricane.
What happens during a hurricane? Wind speeds of 74 to more than 150 mph, rain, flooding
How does a tornado form? Without warning during a thunderstorm. Column of warm air spins to form a funnel cloud.
What happens during a tornado? Wind speed as high as 300mph, wind damage. Can be most violent storm.
How do clouds form? Warm air rises. Water vapor is in the warm air. The water becomes liquid or freezes, attaches to dirt and dust in the air, more and more join together to form a cloud.
Name four kinds of clouds. Cirrus, stratus, cumulus, cumulonimbus
Describe cirrus clouds. Fair weather clouds. Thin and feathery. May predict coming rain or snow.
Describe stratus clouds. Foul weather clouds. Thick gray, low lying “blanket” of clouds. Produce light rain and drizzle.
Describe cumulus clouds. Fair weather clouds. Puffy “cotton ball” clouds. No precipitation, usually.
Describe cumulonimbus clouds. Foul weather clouds. Form from cumulus clouds joining together. Fill with more and more water vapor. Become dark and heavy. Produce thunderstorms.
Created by: Seitz