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Chapter 6

Grade 5 Life Science- Ecosystems and Change

What is a community? a group of populations that live together
What is competition? a kind of contest among populations that need to get a certain amount of food, water, and shelter
What is symbiosis? a relationship between different kinds of organisms
What are predators? an animal that kills and eats other organisms
What is prey? an animal that is eaten by a predator
What is succession? a gradual change in the kinds of organisms living in an ecosystem
What is extinction? the death of a species
What is pollution? a waste product that harms living things and damages an ecosystem
What is acid rain? a mixture that forms when chemicals from burning fossil fuels mix with water vapor in the air
What is a habitat? an area where an organism can find everything to survive
What is conservation? the use of less of a resource to make the supply last longer
What is reclamation? the process of cleaning and restoring a damaged ecosystem
What is the difference between a population and a community? A population is a group of only ONE type of animal, a community is a group of many populations
True or false? Symbiosis is the same as competition. False
What is mutualism? two organisms benefit
What is commensalism? one organism benefits
What is parasitism? one organism benefits, the other is harmed
Why do many parasites eventually need a new host? they kill the host
Place these items in order: grass, lichens, trees, bare rock bare rock, lichens, grass, trees
Which term refers to the rebirth of a damaged ecosystem? secondary succession
How can an ecosystem be destroyed? fire, volcanic eruption, or human actions
What resources can be polluted? water, air, soil
What are the main sources of pollution? fertilizers, burning fossil fuels, pesticides, toxic waste
What are the main ways people damage ecosystems? building fences, cutting forests, filling in wetlands, introducing new plants and animals
What are three ways in which people can conserve resources? reduce, reuse, recycle
Created by: KAUELIGHT