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Floating and Sinking

Balance An instrument or weighing (determining mass); a steady position or condition that occurs when there are two equal and opposing forces.
Buoyancy The upward force that a fluid exerts on an object that is placed in it; the tendency of an object to float in a fluid.
Buoyant force The pressure pushing up on an object in water or air.
Calibrate To check, adjust, or measure exactly; to put the measuring marks on a spring scale, thermometer, or other similar device.
Controlled experiment A scientific investigation in which one variable is changed and all the others are kept the same, or constant.
Data Information, such as that gathered during an experiment.
Dense Packed closely together.
Density The amount, or mass, of a specific volume of a substance.
Displacement The process by which an object pushes aside the liquid into which it has been placed.
Distribute To spread out.
Equal The same in amount, size, value, quality, or other characteristics.
Float To rest on or at the surface of, or be suspended in, a liquid.
Gram A unit of mass in the metric system.
Gravity The attraction of the earth or other bodies for any object at or near their surface. The force of gravity depends on the masses of the objects and how far apart they are.
Liquid A substance that has no shape but does have volume.
Mass The amount of matter than an object contains. Mass is expressed in grams or ounces.
Sink To move downward; to go to the bottom of.
Solid A substance that takes up space and has its own shape.
Solution A liquid in which something has been dissolved.
Submerge To put under water or other liquid.
Volume The amount of space that a substance takes up.
Weigh To measure how heavy something is.
Weight A measurement of the force of gravity on an object.
Classify to group things together because they share one or more properties.
Hypothesize a prediction about how something works or how two variables are related.
Predict saying what you think will happen.
Organize arrange things in a certain order or plan them in a certain way.
Compare identify ways that things are the same.
Collaborate Work together with other people.
Critique looking at something carefully to find things that could be improved.
Claim saying something is true
Evidence something you believe is true because you saw, experienced, or read about it
Reason think about something in an orderly, logical way.
Design create a plan for something
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