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Latin Derivatives 2

Latin Derivatives Latin 1 Semester 1

Convoke To call together
Frontlet A headband
Fosse A trench, ditch
Interrogate To ask questions
Fossiliferous Bears fossils, has fossils
Olfactory The act of smelling
C.f. To compare, confer
Vestige Traces, remnants
Frontal Pertains to the forehead
Canicular Pertains to the dog days
Somniferous Brings sleep, makes you sleepy
Invention A discovery, finds something new
Combustion To burn, act of burning
Legislator One who carries, brings law
Translate From one language to the next
Lucifer Light bringer
Prerogative Your right to ask, advantage
Investigation Looking for tracks, clues
Vintner Wine seller, one who sells bottles of wine
Civics Pertaining to citizenship
Bipedal Goes on two feet
Fatuous Stupid, dumb
Inevitable Not able to avoid, likely
Acquiesce In a restful state, to give passively
Magnanimity Big hearted, generous
Quiescent At rest
Fatuity Stupidity, to be stupid
Pedigree Your lineage, family tree
Rusticate Spend time in the country
Partisan A supporter of another
Virgule A slash, stick,/
Caveat A Latin warning
Caveat emptor Let the buyers beware
Exculpate To free or remove from blame
Incessant Not stopping, without stops
Adherent Something that sticks, a strong supporter, remains, stays
Adhesive Something that sticks
Placid Something that is calm
Accident Something that falls to you, happens to you
Artifice Something that is done with skill
Culpable Capable of being blamed
Cessation The act of being idle
Divert To direct somewhere else
Celerity To use great swiftness
Extraction The act of pulling something out
Rotund Something round, wheel shaped
Bovine Related to ox, cattle
Pulverize To crush, make dust of something
Onerous Burden some
Obnubilate To cover in clouds
Hominoid To cover in clouds
Pusillanimous Weak, small minded, cowardly
Animadversion A criticism, turning your mind to something
Hospitality Allowing guests to your home
Collude Planning, plotting mischief
Obverse The heads side of a coin
Aperture An opening in a camera, allows light
Celestial Pertaining to the sky, aliens
Laudable Something that can be praised
Forte Strength, something that you are strong at
Fugitive Someone who flees
Precipitation Things hurled from heaven
Edifice A building
Quis custodiet custodes ipsos Juvenal Who will guards the guards themselves
Sordid Dirty, filthy, foul
Explicate To explain
Pernicious Deadly, destructive
Vigilant Alert
Vehemenence Enthusiasm
Esurient Inclined to eat, always hungry
Res ipsa loquitur The thing speaks for itself
Militia A group of soldiers
Optimistic Always looking at the best
Inexplicable Cannot be explained
Narrative A connection if events that make a story
Maledicion A curse, bad saying
Internecine Destructive or deadly
Feline A cat, cat like
Pecuniary Pertaining to money
Punitive Expresses a punishment
Infinitive A verbal noun
Enchant To capture with song
Insomnia The inability to sleep
Lucent/lucid Bright, shiny, clearly understood
Impecunious Without money,poor
Corporal Bodily harm, relating to the body
Capacious Spacious, can hold something
Cantabile Capable of being sung
Redeem To buy again, buy back
Cogito ergo sum I think therefore I am
Corpuscle A tiny body, particle
Pejorative To portray in a bad light
Insurgent Someone that rises against someone
Appositive Describes a noun, interjection, something placed next to something
Supraliminal Above the threshold of consciousness
Adjutant A military official that helps an officer
Sepulchral Tomb like, gloomy, dark
Resume To take up again, continue
Intramural Within the walls,against the same school
Recidivist A person like a criminal who falls back upon old ways
Obstinate To stand against, stubborn
Mandate An order, command
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