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WH 6th science

the movement of water between the atmosphere and Earth's surface water cycle
the process by which water molecules in liquid water escape into the air as water vapor evaporation
water vapor is also added to air by what living things
water enters the roots of plant,rises to the leaves and releases as what water vapor
respiration process of breathing
persperation sweating
transpiration giving off vapor thru pores
precipitation any form of water that comes from a cloud
Humidity a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air
the amount of water vapor that the air can hold idepends on the what temperature
what kind of air holds the most amount of water vapor warm air
an instument used to measure relative humidity psychrometer
what forms when water vapor in the air becomes liquid water or ice crystals clouds
clouds are not what water vapor
clouds are what water droplets
process when molecules of water vapor become liquid water condensation
cold air holds blank water vapor less
temperture in which condensation begins dew point
clouds are made up of millions of what ice crystalsand water vapor
water vapor needs a solid surface on which to what condensate
solids in the air: dust,salt,smoke
water vapor that condenses from the air onto a cold solid surface is called what dew
frost is ice that has been directly depoisted onto a cold what surface
clouds form when what cooled
dew is not what percipitation
frost is not what frozen dew
our weather comes from the where west
windward is the what side west side
leeward side is the what side eastern side
place where very little rain falls rain shadow
meterologists classify clouds in three main types: cumulus, stratus,cirrus
clouds are also classified in what altatud
cumulus clouds are usually how many kms 18
cumulus clouds usually indicate what bad weather
nimbo means what rain
cumulonimbus clouds usually produce what kind of clouds thunderstorms
flat clouds are called stratus
srato means what blanket
a srtatus day is an what kind day overcast
wispy and feathery clouds are called what cirrus
what clouds form in high levels cirrus
cirrus clouds are manly made of what ice crystals
part of the cluds name may be based on its what hieght
alto means what high
what two clouds are the main type of these altocumulus and altosratus
what forms after a warm humid day fog
clouds that form near the ground is called what fog
percipitation any form of water that falls from clouds
percipitation always comes from what cloud
not all clouds produce what percipitation
common percipitationis what rain, snow, hail
what is the most common type of percipitation rain
drops of water are called what if they are at least 5 millimetersin diameter rain
percipitation smaller than what it is mist or drizzle .5 millimeters
mist or drizzle usually come from what type of clouds nimbostratus clouds
what forms when raindrops fall through freezing air forming solid particles of ice sleet
freezing rain is called what icestorms
hailis a round pellet of what ice
hailis usually form in what kind fo cloud cumulonimbus
what forms after it goes through levels of the cloud hail
sublimationis the process by which a gas tuns directly to a what solid
water vapor ih a cloud is converted directly to ice crsytals snow
how many sides does a snowflake have six
an open can or tube that measures how much rain has fallen rain gauge
long periods of unusally low percipitation drought
what is the common method of forming rain cloud seeding
chemicals used for cloud seeding CO2 and silver iodide
what cools the water droplets dry ice
what is dry ice frozen CO2
dry ice goes to a solid to a what gas
Created by: Wilson Hall