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Seitz Force Motion

Force Motion

What two groups can everything in the world be divided into? Matter and energy
What two groups can energy be divided into? Kinetic and potential
What is potential energy? Stored energy. Energy of an object at rest.
What is kinetic energy? The energy of an object in motion.
What is a force? A push or pull that causes an object to move, change direction or speed
What is speed? How fast an object is moving.
What is friction? A force that slows the speed of an object.
What is caused by friction? Friction causes an object to slow its speed and it produces heat.
What is an example of electricity in nature? Lightning
What is lightning? A discharge of static electricity into the atmosphere.
How do people make electricity? With generators.
Name three kinds of energy electricity can be changed to. Heat, light, and mechanical.
Give an example of heat energy. A toaster.
Give an example of light energy. A lamp
Give an example of mechanical energy. A can opener or any machine that uses electricity for power.
What creates an electric current? A continuous flow of electrons.
What does and insulator do? Material that does not allow electricity to flow easily through it.
Name an example of an insulator. Wood.
Electrical current travels in a path called________________. A circuit
What does a closed circuit do? It allows the flow of electrons.
What does an open circuit do? It stops the flow of electrons.
A circuit with only one path to follow is a ____________________. Series circuit.
A circuit with two or more paths to follow is a ___________________. Parallel circuit
What is another form of energy caused by the movement of electrons? Magnetism
What are the ends of a magnet called? Poles (north and south)
What is a permanent magnet? Magnet where the magnetic properties are always there.
What is an electromagnet? A magnet produced by sending electricity through a piece of metal wrapped with coils of wire, which produces a magnetic field.
How is an electromagnet made stronger? By increasing the number of coils of wire used.
Name several objects that use electromagnets. Television, electric motors, telephones and computers.
What did Ben Franklin discover about lightning and metal? He discovered the lightning is a natural form of electricity and metal conducts electricity.
Who discovered that electricity could be made by passing a magnet through a coil of wire (electromagnet)? Michael Faraday.
Who made the light bulb? Thomas Alva Edison.
Created by: Seitz