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chapter 5.3-5.5

4 main factors that affect temp. latitude, altitude, DFLBoW, and ocean currents
4 main factors that affect precipitation prevailing winds, mountain ranges, jet streams, and seasonal winds
list 3 climate zones tropical, temperate, and polar
monsoons are- sea or land breezes over a large region that changes with the seasons
why does air have presssure air has other properties too including desity
what measures temp. and air pressure thermometer and barometer
formula for density mass divided by volume
altitude increases air pressure... decreases
what cause wind uneven heating of the sun
what is the Coriolis effect effect on earths rotation on the direction of winds and currents
what direction do prevailing westerlies travel over US west to east
LBOW effects temp. by... if close summers warm or hot winters are cool to cold
wind chill factor is the increased cooling that a wind can cause
high altitude air is more air pressure, or thinner air
relitive humidity and how is it measured percentage of water vapor that is in the air compared to the max amount of wv the air can hold at particular temps.. measured with psychometer
Created by: gabbypowell