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Units 1-4 Science

All about atom, pierodic table, changes, and states of matter.

What is ionic bonding? when atoms exchange elctrons (one gives/ other takes)
Did Rutherford discover the electron? no; false
Give one example of a chemical change. Oxidation (answers may vary)
Give me three physical properties. color, density, texture (answers may vary)
How many indicators of chemical changes are there????????? Five
Does democritus find the nucleus? NO
Does a marble seem similar to what Dalton was thinking? NOOOOOO...JK yes
What to periods represent in the pieriodic table? How many shells are an atom.
What is the name for groups 3-12. Transition meatls
What is the name of a liquid to a gas? Vaporization
What are the three heat transfer names? Convection, conduction, and radiation.
Did J.J Thompson present the model of the plum pudding model? Yes
How does conduction heat transfer. Through touching, or when particles bumb into each other.
How are compounds combined? Chemically.
how many groups are in the pieriodic table? eighteen (18)
What are the two states of matter that makes deposition happen? gas to a solid.
What are valence electrons? they are electrons on the outermost shell of an atom.
How do you find the amount of neutrons? you subtract the atomic mass to the atomic number.
What are the two parts of a mixture? heterogenous, and homogenous
What heat transfer way doesn't need molecules? radiation
Give me the defenition of a an element. It a pure substance that cannot become into a simpler substance.
What makes up a compound? elements
What is another heterogenous mixture, we learned this in class!!!!!! HINT! HINT! HINT! Suspension.
What heat transfer way uses patterns and flow? convection
What did Bohr do that changed the way the atom was looked at. He said that electrons actually traveled in orbits around the nucleus.
Created by: rej003