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Hanads study stack


What are the five earth's oceans Pacific,Atlantic,artic,Indian,and southern oceans
How does water become salty When water and rocks have minerals on them
Define salinity Is the measure of most of dissolved solid in a mass of water
What are the three zones of the oceans Sarface zone,middle zone,deep zone
What are the 3 contenanital Martians contenanital shelf,contenanital slope,contenanital rise
What do ocean trenches look like Tectonic plates collides with a depth of 4000
Explain why water near rivers is sometimes salty Because the water in the sea evaporates and lands on the river
Describe the deep zone Plants dont grow here and sea animals that like to live in the dark
The corioullus effect in the Southern Hemisphere currents curve to the left and what direction Counterclockwise
Why do upwelling a occur Upwelling a occur when wind blows across the ocean surface and pushes it away
Describe what are desinty currents It pushes water downwards carry water from surface to sea
What are density currents caused by density
How does currents affect weather and climate It makes the water warmer and wetter
What are ocean currents A large area of flowing water in one area
Created by: hanad1324