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GJHS Choir7 S1

Diaphragm The muscle that helps you breathe
Posture The way you hold your body
True or False: Posture can be good and bad. True
Rhythm A pattern of long and short notes
Does Rhythm have a pitch to it? No
Melody The main tune of the song, the part you can sing back
Round Two or more people singing the same thing but starting at different times
Time Signature The two numbers at the beginning of a piece of music that say how many beats are in a measure, and which note gets the beat
Measure The space between two barlines
Barline A line that separates music and has no value
Unison Two or more people singing (or playing) the same thing at the same time.
Are Unison and Round the same thing? NO
Scale A series of notes in order from lowest to highest or highest to lowest
Ascending Going up
True or False: Ascending can be something you hear and see? True
Descending Going down
True or False: Descending notes can be heard and seen? True
Interval The space between two notes or pitches
True or False: Intervals can not be heard and seen? False
Repeat Sign Means "go back and do it again"
Dynamics How loud or soft something is.
Dynamics have to do with how loud or soft something is not this? Pitch
Piano "soft"
Forte "loud"
Mezzo Piano "medium soft"
Mezzo Forte "medium loud"
Fortissimo "very loud"
Pianissimo "very soft"
Dynamics in order (soft to loud) pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff
Whole note 4 beats
Half note 2 beats
Quarter note 1 beat
Eighth note 1/2 beat
Sixteenth note 1/4 beat
Dotted notes A dot adds half the value of the note
Dotted whole note 6 beats
Dotted half note 3 beats
Dotted quarter note 1-1/2 beats
Dotted eighth note 3/4 beat
Dotted sixteenth note 3/8 beat
Treble Clef What Sopranos and Altos sing in
Treble Clef notes EGBDF those are the lines of the Treble Clef FACE they're as space-y as can be
Bass Clef spaces All Cows Eat Grass = ACEG
Bass Clef lines Good Boys Do Fine Always = GBDFA
Sight-Reading Key of C no sharps no Flats. C is Do.
Key of C No sharps or flats
Key of F There is one flat. F is Do.
Key of G One sharp #. G is Do.
Created by: texcgrimes