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GJHS Science 7 S1

Does this demonstrate appropriate lab safety? Sylvia broke a thermometer and quickly reported it to the teacher. Yes or No? Yes
Which is considered an observation: A) Making a conclusion based on information gathered or B) Using your senses to gather data B) Using your senses to gather data
Which is considered an inference: A) Making a conclusion based on information gathered or B) Using your senses to gather data A) Making a conclusion based on information gathered
Inference, Observation, or Opinion: A student found the volume of water in a cylinder to be 50ml. This information would be considered what? Observation
If you took an object to the moon, which characteristic would change: Mass Volume Weight Density Weight
What part of the scientific process is the following sentence? The rock will probably sink in water because it is more dense than water. Analysis, Hypothesis, Conclusion, or Question. Hypothesis
Elements are made up of atoms. True or False? True
How would you find the volume of a rectangular piece of aluminum? Multiply length times the width times the height
Hypotheses and models are made by scientists to explain how and why things happen. These models and hypotheses are A) always accepted by all scientists because they read the same research or B) are changed if necessary as new data is collected. B) Changed as new data/observations are collected
If a scientific investigation were designed to compare the freezing temperature of water containing different amounts of salt, what would you need to control? The amount of water that would be used
Which piece of laboratory equipment would be MOST appropriate to use to measure the mass of a rock? Ruler, Beaker, Graduated Cylinder or Triple Beam Balance Triple Beam Balance
Which piece of equipment would be MOST appropriate to use to measure the volume of a marble? Ruler, Beaker, Graduated Cylinder, Triple Beam Balance. Graduated Cylinder
What two pieces of equipment would you need to use in order to calculate the density of an oddly-shaped piece of clay? Scale and Graduated Cylinder
True of False: The greater the density, the closer the particles are. True
The Earth's crust and mantle have A) the same thickness, or B) different densities Different densities
When we observed a pencil in a cup of water, we noticed that it looked bent or broken because of the refraction of light energy. Inside our planet this will happen as seismic energy waves do what? Disappear as they pass through the mantle
Which of these occurred after Alfred Wegner died as a result of scientific technology: Continent puzzle appearance or Seafloor spreading? Seafloor spreading
Why does the crust float on top of the mantle? It's less dense
How did Plate tectonics revolutionize (change) scientific thought about how the Earth works. It explained how the pieces of oceanic and continental crust could move
What happens as you go deeper inside the Earth's interior? Both Pressure and Temperature increase
According to theory of plate tectonics, India converged and became part of Asia. This resulted in what? Large mountains
Nevada is part of the Great Basin and Range region with many mountains and valleys. This topography resulted from what? Stretching and Faulting of the North American plate
New land added to Earth's surface at a boundary between what? Two plates that are moving a part.
Our planet is like a giant magnet with a north and south pole. What causes this magnetic field? The spinning of the Earth's core
One important difference between the continental crust and oceanic crust is what? Density
Earth's crust can sink and be consumed or recycled at which of these tectonic plate boundary locations? Subduction zone
Scientists have made inferences about Earth's inside structure from observations of what? Seismic waves
True or False: S-waves cannot travel through the outer core. True
Which of these supports Continental Drift theory? A) We have different seasons every year or B) Similar fossils of animals and plants are found on different continents. B) Similar fossils of animals and plants are found on different continents
Which tectonic plate boundary is generally associated with earthquakes? Transform
When Earth layers break from intense tension and pressure it is called what? Faulting
The Richter Scale measures earthquake magnitude. How much stronger is a 6.0 than a 5.0? 10 times stronger
What affects the speed of a seismic wave? the type of material it goes through
Nevada and the Great Basin and Range region are known for having many of these types of faults? Normal faults
The Hawaiian Island chain was formed above which volcanic location? Hot Spot
The "Ring of Fire" is a region along the rim of the Pacific Ocean. How did this region get its name? It has the greatest number of active volcanoes
Which type of graph would be best for a scientist to use if s/he measured the erosion of the River Mountains over 100 years? Line
Which type of earth force best describes an earthquake? Destructive
When geologists study the geosphere they consider volcanoes to be a ________ force, because it makes new crust. Constructive
Which type of earth force would you consider land erosion to be? Destructive
Nevada is part of the Great Basin and Range region known for its ________. Faulted mountains and valleys
This is NOT a warning sign for a volcanic eruption. Change in wind direction
Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire State Park have been eroded by wind and water. The red rocks are a result of oxidation of what material? Iron
Which of the following landforms in Nevada resulted from erosion? Alluvial fans and canyons
Compression waves from earthquakes travel through Earth like sound waves travel through air. What compression waves are first to arrive at seismograph machines? P (primary) Waves
Explain the meaning of the Rock Cycle. Rocks can and do change over time, depending upon the different earth forces.
What rock evidence do we have to show that Las Vegas was once under the ocean? Sedimentary
What rocks show that there have been active volcanoes in Nevada's past geologic history? Igneous
Shale and sandstone are types of sedimentary rocks. You can conclude that these rocks formed by what forces? Erosion, Compaction, Cementation
New crust is formed on our planet at the divergent boundaries and over hot spots and riffs.What type of rock is formed in these places? Igneous
Through rock dating techniques geologists estimate Earth to be how old? 4.6 Billion
If a rock's unstable atom 1/2 life is 2000 years and the rock you have has only 1/4 of unstable atoms. How old is the rock? 4000 years old
How can a sedimentary rock change to an igneous rock? Melting and cooling
The three rock families are classified on the basis of what? The way they are formed
True or False: A rock is a mixture of minerals and other substances. True
The least reliable property for mineral identification is this. Color
According to fossil evidence, which species of living things appear to be the oldest. Trilobites
Which idea is used to estimate relative ages of rock layers? Superposition
How much original parent material remains after three half lives? 1/8
What is the best process for preserving fossil evidence? Quick burial by fine sediment
Paleontologists have never found fossils in what kind of rock? Igneous
The Geologic Time scale is a record of what? Lifeforms and events in Earth's history
The study of rock records suggest that the period that humans existed is very _______ compared to geologic time. Brief
Which process begins soil formation? Weathering of bedrock
How is weathering different from erosion? Weathering breaks rocks, erosion takes them to a different place
Soil types are determined by this? Types of rocks and climate
This is the term for small particles of decayed plants and animals mixed in the soil. Humus
If a gardener notices that water has not drained well through her soil, she would probably add this. Sand that has more pores
Which soil layer is richest in humus and nutrients? Top soil
Soils can differ in this. Texture, color, nutrients, and acidity
Nitrogen is an important element but unfortunately plants and animals can not take Nitrogen directly into their cells. It must be "fixed" by this? Bacteria
If we pollute our soils with chemicals, they can find their way into our water supply by this? Leaching
This would be classified as a renewable resource. Solar Rays
How many people are currently living on earth? More than 7 Billion
The more people on the planet, the _____ natural resources are needed. More
What is a property of a non-renewable resource? It takes a long time to reform
One benefit of using renewable energy resources would be this? Renewable energy resources are replaced within a short period of time
What is the benefit of using solar, wind, and geothermal energy? They are constantly being renewed.
What would be classified as a non-renewable resource? A barrel of Oil
How much of Nevada's energy usage comes from non-renewable resources? 93.2%
The Greenhouse Effect is a term used to describe the heating of the atmosphere from such gases as Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and Water Vapor. What would increase heat in the atmosphere? Fossil Fuels
Which elements make up most of Earth's crust? Silicon and Oxygen
Created by: texcgrimes
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