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element all atoms in the same place can not be broken down
viscosity makes liquids slower
silica makes liquids higher in viscosity
pahoehoe light lava
aa dark lava
compound sa substance where two elements are together
lava magma on the surface
magma lava underground
volcanic ash small pepbles from a volcanoe
crater where lava comes out
vent another place where lava comes out
pipe where lava goes up
lava flow lava coming out
extinct not active
dormant sleeping
active ready to explode
magma chamber where magma is stored
cinder cone a type of volcano where it is like a cone
sheild covers top of volcanoe
composite thick type of a volcanoe
subduction area in a plate that makes a volcano
caldera hole where volcano exploded
batholith area where lava hardens above ground
lava plateau level area of land from lava
sill wall from a volcano
dike hills from a volcano
hot spring like a geyser
ring of fire area where volcanos are common
geyser place where hot water comes out
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