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Sick Role Behaviors

Roy Adaptation Model

Sick Role Mastery The client demonstrates both instrumental and expressive behaviors appropriate to his stage of illness and position on the Health/illness continuum.
Sick Role Distance The client demonstrates both expressive and instrumental behaviors, but these behaviors differ significantly from prescribed behaviors for the role.
Sick Intrarole Conflict THe client fails to demonstrate the instrumental and/or expressive behaviors as a result of incompatible expectations from one or more persons in the environment concerning client's expected behavior.
Sick Interrole Conflict The client fails to demonstrate instrumental and/or expressive behaviors as a result of occupation of one or more roles that requre expected behaviors incompatible with sick role behaviors.
Sick Role Failure Occurs when the client demonstrates an absence of feelings or expressive behaviors and/or actions or instrumental behavior appropriate to his stage of illness or position on the health/illness continuum.
Created by: LeidiSwts