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Nedu's Ocean Review

Ocean Review

(P.O.W.)Why is Ice is less dense than water As water freezes the molecules spread out in a six-sided pattern.
(P.O.W.)Why can some insects walk on the surface of water. water molecules at the surface of water have enough cohesion
(P.O.W.)why does sodium dissolve when put in water attractions cause the sodium and chloride ions to break apart in water, or dissolve.
(P.O.W.)What is polarity Polarity is a condition in which opposite ends of a molecule have slightly opposite charges, but the overall charge of the molecule is neutral
(P.O.W.)what is a water atom made out of and the charges of each one 2 Hydrogen charge positive,1 Oxygen charge negative
(P.O.W.)Why is water called the universal solvent because so many substances can dissolve in it
(P.O.W.)What makes water a unique compound B/c water is the only substance that exists in nature as a solid, a liquid, and a gas
(P.O.W.)The density of freshwater is greatest at what temperature 4 degrees Celsius
(O.C)What is a effect of a Coriolis effect The Coriolis effect causes fluids to move clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere
(O.C)What is upwelling The vertical movement of water toward the ocean’s surface
(O.C)What is another type of vertical current A density current
(O.C)What is a density current Density currents move water downward,they carry water from the surface to deeper parts of the ocean
(O.C)True or false cold water is denser than warm water True
(O.C)What happens when a surface current moves toward a polar area the water cools
(O.C)When seawater freezes what happens to the salt The salt is left behind in the surrounding water
(O.C)Density currents are important components of what Ocean circulation
(O.Comp.)2 sources of water for earths oceans Water from volcanoes,melted ice from comets and asteroids
(O.Comp.)What is salinty The measure of the mass of dissolved solids in a mass of water
(O.Comp.)Fresh water mixed with seawater is called Brackish water
(O.Comp.)Where dose salinity(salt) in the ocean come from Rain washes over rocks dissolves minarals and rivers and streams carry it to the oceans
(O.Comp.)4 criteria that scientist use to classify ocean zones amount of sun light,salinity,density,temperture
(O.Comp.)What is the deepest part of the ocean Ocean trench
(O.Comp.)How many ocean zones are there and what are they surface zone, middle zone, deep zone
(O.Comp.)What are some natural resources from the ocean floor oil,natural gas and methane
Created by: Dax424