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The Plant Kingdom

Life Science

a measure of the energy content in food calorie
a nutrient that provides energy carbohydrates
a nutrient that provides energy and gives food flavor fats
the process in green plants and certain other organisms that uses energy from sunlight to make food from water and carbon dioxide photosynthesis
a nutrient needed to build, grow, and repair body cells proteins
the using and releasing of energy in a cell respiration
a thin, hairlike cell in a root; absorbs water and minerals root hair
holes on the outside of leaves that open to let air in stomata
Roots take up ______________ from the ground. water
______________ keep plants firmly in the soil. roots
Some roots store ________________. food
The two different kinds of roots are _______________ and ______________ roots. taproot and fibrous
_______________ is one large root. taproot
______________________ spread out in the soil. fibrous roots
______________ move food, water, and minerals throughout the plant. stems
Stems hold the plant ______________. upright
The 2 types of stems are _____________________ and _____________________. woody and nonwoody
Photosynthesis takes place in the _________________ of a plant. leaf
Carbon dioxide enters the plant through the ________________. stomata
When a plant has enough water its stomata stay ___________. open
When plants change sugar into energy it is called ______________________. respiration
Plants have two types of organs, ______________ organs include roots, stem, and leaves. ___________________ organs include flowers, fruit, and seeds. vegetative, reproductive
Plants are grouped according to their ability to transport water. _________________ plants do not have veins and do not transport water. _________________ plants absorb water through roots and transport it throughout the plant. nonvascular and vascular
______________ is the part of the stem that carries water, minerals, and nutrients up to the leaves. xylem
_______________ is the part of the stem that carries food from the leaves to the other parts of the plant. phloem
Name 2 plant sources of protein. nuts and beans
Created by: sldavison