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ocean review


can water dissolve other substances yesss
what are two properties of water melting point and boiling point
whats the melting point of water 32 degrees
whats the freezing point 32 degrees
what is cohesion when the water molecules are attracted to each other
does water grow bigger when frozen yes
is water denser when frozen yes
how do fish survive during the winter the water only freezes on top
what is salinity the amount of salt in the ocean
what factors affect salinity precipitation and evaporation
are marine organisms affected by salinity yes
does the temperature in the ocean stay the same no
what is a direct result of sunlight the surface of sea water is warmer than the bottom
does the temperature affect the living things in the ocean yes
is the bottom of the ocean always colder yes
does temperature, pressure, and salinity not affect density . no
what are ocean currents the movement of water
can ocean currents be moved by winds yes
can water density drive ocean currents yes
can tides not drive ocean currents no
can currents maintain balance yes
do tides or currents occur on the beach tides do
can ocean currents bring objects back to land yes
can the sun and moon pull ocean currents yes
Created by: jennawelsh1