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Unit 5

The Diversity of Living Things

What is a stimulus? Anything that causes a reaction or change in an organism.
What is a response? An organism's reaction to a stimulus.
What is a behavior? A set of actions taken by an organism in response to a stimulus.
What is homeostasis? Maintaining a stable balance in the body.
What is a nerve response? An electrical signal.
What is a hormone response? A chemical signal.
How are stimuli detected? Sensory receptors found in sensory organs.
Name some sensory organs. eyes, nose, skin, whiskers, ears
Name two stimuli can a plant detect? light, touch
What is an external stimulus? A stimulus from outside the body.
Name some external stimuli. temperature, sound, light, other organisms
What is tropism? The movement of a plant in response to an external stimulus.
What is phototropism? A plant's response to light.
What is geotropism? A plant's response to gravity.
What is an internal stimulus? A stimulus that comes from inside an organism's body.
Give an example of a response to an internal stimulus. Fever or vomiting in animals or wilting in plants.
What are some behaviors that improve survival? Fight or flight response
What behaviors help animals survive environmental changes? migration and hibernation
What is evolution? The process by which inherited traits of a population change over many generations.
What is variation? The differences in features or behaviors in individuals within a species.
What is natural selection? Organisms that have traits that allow them to survive are better able to reproduce and pass on those traits.
What is artificial selection? Process by which humans breed organisms for certain characteristics.
What may aid in the survival of some organisms because they are not likely to be seen, hunted, and eaten by a predator? Variation in color
Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection has four parts: overproduction, genetic variation, selection, adaptation
Finches with smaller beaks feed on ? small, soft seeds
Finches with larger beaks feed on ? larger, harder seeds
Darwin's study of the finches found that the finches had beaks that were ... better suited for the type of seeds available and they survived and reproduced.
What is fight or flight? The response of running away or fighting from a stimulus perceived as dangerous.
What happens to an organism during hibernation? Heart rate, breathing, and other body processes slow down to conserve energy.
Where do plants store energy rich food? Specialized roots and stems called bulbs and taproots.
What is the describing, naming,and classifying of organisms? Taxonomy
What is a tool with a series of questions that are answered in order to identify or name an organism? Dichotomous Key
The number and variety of organisms living in an area Biodiversity
Which biome has the greatest biodiversity? Tropical Rainforest
Created by: lmsraiders