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Words related to the culture and geography of Africa

Great Rift Valley stretches from Syria in Southwest Asia to Mozambique in the southeastern part of Africa.
faults fractures in the Earth's crust
Lake Tanganyika one of the deepest and longest freshwater lakes in the world
escarpments steep, often jagged cliffs
cataracts waterfalls
Ruwenzori Mountains these divide Uganda and the Democratic Republics of the Congo.
Drakensberg Range These mountains rise to more than 11,000 ft. in South Africa and Lesotho.
Lake Victoria the largest lake in Africa
Desertification occurs when long periods of drought and land use destroy the vegetation.
Niger River it means great river
delta a triangular section of land formed by sand and silt carried downriver.
Zambezi River a river in south-central Africa also meets the ocean in a delta.
Victoria Falls the Zambezi River at this point of its journey plummets a sheer 355 feet.
Congo River This river reaches the sea through a deep estuary, or passage, where freshwater meets seawater.
estuary a passage wehre freshwaters meets seawater
Desertification occurs when long periods of drought and land use destroy the vegetation.
leach where heavy rains dissolve and carry away nutrients from the soil.
savanna tropical grassland with scattered trees
harmattan a northeast trade wind
Serengeti Plain one of the world's largest savanna plains
Sahel northern steppe of Africa between the desert and the tropical dry savanna
Namib Desert a desert along the Atlantic coast of Namibia
Kalahari Desert occupies eastern Namibia, most of Botswana, and part of South Africa.
Kalahari Desert
Nigeria country located in West Africa
Gambia 60 percent of its population live in villages
Mauritania country in West Africa
Cameroon At least 250 ethnic groups exist in this country.
slavery a person who is the property and toils, or works, to another person
pidgin a simplified speech used among people who speak different languages
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