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Ocean Notes

Science StudyStack

What is a water molecule made up of? one oxygen and two hydrogen =h2o
Define Polarity. having poles or being polar opposites.
Explain/Example of cohesion the attraction among molecules that are alike. a bug sticking/touching a wet surface.
Explain/Example of adhesion. the attraction among molecules that are not alike. water molecules sticking to another surface.
Why does ice float in water? The ice density is greater than the water's density.
What will happen when sugar is added to water? The sugar will dissolve.
Why do water molecules attract each other? Opposites attract.
What states of matter can water exist on Earth? Solid, Liquid or Gas.
What are five of Earth's oceans? Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian and Southern ocean.
Two sources of water? Water vapor expelled from volcanoes, and melted ice from comets and meteors.
How do the oceans become salty? minerals break apart and form salts into the ocean.
Define salinity. a measure of the mass of dissolved solids in a mass of water.
Difference between seawater and brackish water? seawater- contains saltwater, 35ppt brackish water- mixture of saltwater and freshwater
Identify five features of the ocean floor. continental margins, abyssal plains, mid ocean ridges, ocean trenches
what are three ocean zones? surface zone, middle zone and deep zone.
describe how much sunlight each ocean zone gets. surface zone- shallow water, gets most sunlight. middle zone- wavelengths absorbed deep zone- plants dont grow, no sunlight
density currents are caused by this. changes in density. (bc their called density currents obv)
which ocean current is caused by wind? upwelling currents.
which ocean current is caused by density differences? density currents
which ocean current is caused by water moving horizontally? surface currents.
how do ocean currents affect the weather? cold water currents release moisture into the air.
what is the role of upwellings? it brings cold water to the surface where it is warmed by the sun
how many gyre's are there? five total.
what are the names of all the gyre's north pacific, south pacific, north atlantic and south atlantic gyre's + indian ocean gyre
Created by: emilyshalvey1