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Collective Nouns

Antelopes A Herd
Apes A Shrewdness
Asses A Drove
Baboons A Troop
Badgers A Cete
Bats A Colony
Bears A Sloth or Sleuth
Beavers A Colony or Family
Bison A Herd
Birds A FLOCK, FLIGHT or PARCEL of birds. A POD of birds (small flock) A VOLARY of birds (in an aviary) A BRACE a pair of game birds or waterfowl *
Bitterns A SEDGE of bitterns.
Boar A SOUNDER or SINGULAR of wild boar
Budgerigars A CHATTER of budgerigars.
Buffalo A HERD, TROUP, GANG or OBSTINACY of buffalo
Bullocks A DROVE of bullocks.
Camels A CARAVAN, FLOCK or TRAIN of camels.
Caterpillars An ARMY of caterpillars.
Cats A CLOWDER of cats.
Cheetahs A COALITION of cheetahs
Chickens A BROOD, CLUTCH, FLOCK, RUN or PEEP of chickens
Chicks A CLUTCH OR CHATTERING of chicks.
Choughs A CHATTERING of choughs.
Clams A BED of clams
Coati A BAND of coati (coatimundi)
Cobras A QUIVER of cobras
Cockroaches An INTRUSION of cockroaches.
Colts A RAG of colts.
Cormorants A GULP (SOLITUDE) OR FLIGHT of cormorants.
Cows A HERD of cows.
Coyotes A PACK of coyotes
Crabs A BUSHEL of crabs (for eating) A CAST of crabs (for live examples)
Cranes A HERD, SEIGE or SEDGE* of cranes
Crocodiles A BASK of crocodiles
Crows A MURDER of crows
Cubs A LITTER of cubs
Curlew A HERD of curlew
Curs A COWARDICE of curs.
Dolphins A SCHOOL of dolphins or A POD of dolphins.
Eagles CONVOCATION of eagles
Eels An ARRAY of eels or A SEETHING of eels.
Elephant A HERD or PARADE of elephants
Elk A HERD or GANG of elk
Emu A MOB of emus.
Finches A CHARM of finches
Ferrets A BUSYNESS of ferrets
Fish A SHOAL, DRAFT, NEST, SCHOOL* of fish. A RUN of fish in motion.
Flamingoes A STAND or A FLAMBOYANCE of flamingos.
Flies A CLOUD, HATCH, or SWARM of flies.
Created by: mikerag