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SS Revision1

Find someone who...........for year 8 Sports Science

Name the main food groups Protein,Carbohydrates,Lipids/Fats,Vitamins/Minerals
Name the products of respiration carbon dioxide + water + energy
Name the reactants of respiration glucose + oxygen
Describe the role of the heart valves. stop blood going the wrong way
Describe the route of blood around the body heart-lungs-body cells-heart
Write the formula for speed, speed=distance/time
Explain a modification to their dragster Streamlined to reduce air resistance. Lightweight to reduce friction.
Name an antagonistic muscle pair quadriceps/hamstrings, biceps/triceps, shins/calves, pectorals/latissimus dorsi and trapezius/deltoids.
Describe the route of oxygen through the lungs nose-trachea(windpipe)-bronchi-alveoli
Name the oxygen carrying component of red blood cells haemoglobin
Explain what an anomaly is a result that doesn’t fit the pattern
What a hypothesis is a scientific idea that can be tested.
Describe the use of anaerobic respiration provide energy when the body cannot get enough oxygen
Explain how the gases in inhaled air are different to the gases in exhaled air. exhaled=less oxygen, more carbon dioxide, more water vapour.
Explain two ways that someone can increase their fitness. exercise, diet
Explain the difference between a tendon and a ligament tendon connects muscle to bone, ligament connects two bones.
Explain why oil is used in a car engine lubrication to reduce friction.
List 3 foods that would not be included in a healthy diet. too much chocolate, doughnuts, fizzy drink.
Explain why having Asthma might cause problems to athletes difficulty breathing, muscles cannot get enough oxygen.
List sport where friction is an advantage and one where it is a disadvantage. advantage=running, disadvantage=skiing.
Created by: willocka