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Bk 1 Vocab 21

Latin 4H/5AP

pertempto, pertemptare to master, possess
gaudium, I joy, rejoicing
insto, instare to press on, urge
foris, is door, gate, entrance
testudo, testudinis tortoise, vault, dome
saepio, saepire to hedge in, enclose
solium, i throne, seat
subnixus, a, um resting on
opus, operis work, deed, toil
aequo, aequare to equalize
sors, sortis lot, fate, destiny
concursus, us throng, crowd
accedo, accedere to approach
penitus deep within, deeply
aveho, avehere to bear away
obstipesco, obstipescere to stand agape
percutio, percutere to astound
metus, us fear, dread, anxiety
avidus, a, um eager, greedy
nubes, is cloud, mist, fog
linquo, linquere to leave, desert
cunctus, a, um all
venia, ae favor, pardon
amicio, amicire to enfold, wrap
Created by: hflmagistra