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Marine Bio Mid-Term

Marine Biology

What is marine biology? Study of animals living in the sea
The scientific Method can be best described as procedures used to learn about our world
The factors that might affect observations are called variables
A control can be best defined as a variable that is kept constant in an experiment
How many major oceans are found in the world? 6
What is bathymetry? changing depth of the sea floor
What is the world's largest and deepest ocean? Pacific
The main feature of plate tectonics is ocean floors are constantly moving
The force responsible for plate movement is convention currents
A mid-oceanic ridge forms by faults in the Earth's crust called divergent boundaries
A continental margins generally consist of continental slope, rise and shelf
What is a shallow, underwater extension of a continent? continental slope
The property of water where air and water meet is called surface tension
What property of water moderates temperature fluctuations is called heat capacity
The total amount of substances dissolved in seawater is termed salinity
Which of the following methods is most commonly used to determine salinity? density/specific gravity
Name the distance between one one wave crest and the next: wavelength
What is the effect of the Earth's rotation on the winds moving across its surface? Coriolis effect
How does a spring tide occur? gravitational pull of moon and sun
How many degrees does the ocean upper layers move due to Echman Spiral? 45 degrees
What are the main solutes in ocean water? Na,Cl
What causes waves? wind
What influences waves? fetch, duration, wind speed
What are the characteristics of living things? growth, reproduce, metabolize
What is the correct taxonomic level? kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
What is a characteristics of plankton? have limited locomotion and are at the mercy of the water current
What are phytoplankton? photosynthetic autotrophs
What is another name for heterotroph? consumer
What are dinoflagellates? photosynthetic organisms
What are zooplankton? heterotrophic organisms, consumers
Are all plankton microscopic? No
Which organisms consume plankton? anemone, scallops, whales
Most larval stages of many invertebrates start out as zooplankton
What causes red tides? dinoflagellates
What level must be zero before fish can be acclimated into your tank? nitrite, ammonia
What is the correct salinity for your aquarium? 1.021
Which factors should be taken into considering when purchasing livestock? ease of care, aggressiveness, compatibility
What is the most important part of maintaining a marine aquarium? salinity
What is the oceanography? physical, chemical and biological aspects of ocean
What is the correct pH of your aquarium? 8.2
Phytoplankton consists of diatoms and dinoflagellates
What affects sinking rates of plankton? buoyancy due to gas-filled floats, increased surface area, increase water resistance
Give an example of a phytoplankton? diatoms, dinoflagellates
What limits the growth of phytoplankton? depth of the ocean
What are adaptations of plankton? secreting oils for buoyancy, spiny extensions, modified fins
Which organisms display bioluminescence? phytoplankton
Meroplankton spend only part of their life as plankton
Give an example of a holoplankton barnacle larva
Plankton can be found in this ocean zone pelagic and photic
What is the first thing you do when setting up an aquarium? rinse all equipment with freshwater
What is a distinguishing feature of a virus? capsid
How do eukaryotes differ from prokaryotes? nucleus
How are seaweeds different from algae? multicellular
What is the stem-like structure of seaweeds? stipe
What is a thallus? complete body
How are marine plants characterized? eukaryotic, multicellular, bottom-dwellers
Kingdom Animalia is characterized by mostly multicellular
What phylum do sponges belong to? Porifera
Large opening of a sponge is called? osculum
What do all porifera share in common? choanocytes
Sponges and cnidarians share these features? mesoglea, radial symmetry, multicellular
What type of symmetry do porifera have? asymmetry
What phylum do anemones belong to? Cnidaria
What life stage is a jellyfish? medusa
What are comb jellies? organisms with mesoglea and eight bands of cilia
Which phyla doesn't have tissues or organs? porifera, cnidarians, ctenophora
How are flatworms characterized? bilateral symmetry, acoelomate
What is a distinguishing feature of a nematode? proboscis, pseudocoelomate
What features do platyhelminthes and nematoda share? bilateral symmetry, endoderm, ectoderm and mesoderm
What are general characteristics of Phylum Annelida? segmentation, coelomate
What features do Phyla Nematoda and Annelida share? bilateral symmetry, complete digestive system, central nervous system
What type of symmetry do mollusks have? bilateral symmetry
What characteristics do all mollusks have? mantle
What is a radula? a structure used to scrap off food from rocks
Which class of mollusca is the most intelligent? cephalopoda
This structure is reduced in the squid? shell
How is class gastropoda characterized? foot attached to its stomach
What are the features of arthropods? digestive system, jointed legs, proboscis to capture prey
What type of skeleton do arthropods have? exoskeleton
What class does a lobster belong to? crustacea
What class does a horseshoe crab belong to? merostomata
What are the features of echinoderms? water vascular system, endoskeleton
What type of body symmetry do echinoderms have? radial
What structures do echinoderms use for movement? tube feet
Which organisms belong to the phylum Echinodermata? sea star, sea cucumbers, brittle stars
Give an example of class Crinoidea feather stars
What class does the sea cucumbers belong to? holothuroidea
What type of scales do sharks have? Placoid
How do sharks regulate their buoyancy? their liver produces oil which is less dense than water
What is countershading? darker colored dorsal side; lighter on their ventral side
What is the difference between skates and rays? give birth
What is oviparity? embryos are laid in egg cases
What are baby sharks called pups
What does it mean to be demersal? live on the bottom of the ocean
What type of scales do bony fish have? ctenoid
What organs are used for all of the sharks six senses? ampullae of lorenzini, spiracles, lateral line, nares, mouth, ears
What are Chondrichthyes fish made of? cartilage
What is the importance of the spiracles? breathe when mouth is closed
Why are sharks considered to be "living fossils"? Sharks lived in the oceans long before animals on land
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