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Aonad 1

Nathanna don scéal

The place was as quiet as the grave Bhí an áit chomh ciúin leis an uaigh
There wasn't a sound from us Ní raibh gíog ná míog asainn
I got a terrible fright Baineadh geit uafásach asam
By the luckiest chance in the world Ar ámharaí an tsaoil
I heard a strange noise Chuala mé torann aisteach
I got a strange smell Fuair mé boladh aisteach
He fainted Thit sé i laige
I was in a dilemma Bhí mé i gcruachás
I called the emergency services Chuir mé fios ar na seirbhísí éigeandála
To make matters worse Mar bharr ar an donas
The following day An lá dar gcionn
I didn't sleep a wink that night Níor chodail mé néal an oíche sin
I'm telling you! Mise ag rá leat
The house was destroyed Scroiseadh an teach
My parents would be furious with me Bheadh mo thuismitheoirí ar buile liom
Created by: eimearbutler