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cards on properties of water, oceans, and more.

Polarity A condition in which opposite ends of a molecule have slightly opposite charges, but the overall charge of the molecule is neutral. The slightly negative oxygen atom of one molecule attracts slightly positive hydrogen atoms of other water molecules.
Cohesion The attraction among molecules that are alike.
Adhesion The attraction among molecules that are different.
Surface Zone Shallow sea water receives the greatest amount of sunlight.
Middle Zone Absorbed twilight wave length.
Deep Zone Bioluminescence creates there sunlight plants do not grow in this zone.
Continental margins 3 regions // 1.shelves 2. slopes 3. rises
Abyssal Plains Large, flat areas.
Mid-ocean Ridges Where tectonic plates pull apart.
Ocean Trenches Oceanic Tectonic plates collide.
Criteria Scientists Use For Classifying Ocean Zones 1. Sunlight 2. Temperature 3. Salinity 4.Density
Resources from the Seafloor energy resources// oil, natural gas, and methane hydrates. minerals// manganese nodule, gold, and zinc.
Sea Water Has salt around 35pt.
Blackish Water Has both fresh and sea water. 1ppt - 11ppt.
Five of Earths Oceans 1. Pacific 2. Atlantic 3. Indian 4.Southern 5. Artic
Created by: jezzawick07