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Ecce Romani Chap.21

Ecce Romani Chapter 21 Vocabulary Cards

Pecunia Money
Culina Kitchen
Pirata Pirate
Somnus Sleep
Aurum Gold
Lux Light
Mors Death
Feles Cat
Libertas Freedom
Corpus Body
Invitus Unwilling
Primus First
Malus Bad
Peior Worse
Pessimus Worst
Totus Whole
Simulare To pretend
Cogito To think
Cantare To sing
Adiuvare To help
Dare To give
Removere To remove
Docere To teach
Ponere To put,place
Surgere To get up,rise
Emere To buy
Capere To take,capture
Inspicere To examine
Punire To punish
Finire To finish
Supra Above,on top
Sero Late
Mane Early in the day,in the morning
Ita Thus,so,in this way
Praeter Except
Invenire To come upon,find
Created by: 18barkea