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put a bug in someones ear to keep reminding them
a bull in a china shop to be reckless
a wolf in sheep's wool pretending to be harm less
she has a bee in her bonnet keep talking a bout something that is not important
cut to the chase get to the point faster
curiosity killed the cat being curious gets you In trouble
cant cut the mustard cant deal with problems
back to the drawing board to go back to the beginning
between a rock and a hard surface in a very difficult position
bite you tongue an expression said to someone who has just stated an
barking up the wrong tree to make the wrong choice
add fuel to the fire make a problem worse
a taste of your own medicine a sample of the unpleasantness
a picture paints a thousand words a stronger message than words
a penny saved a penny earned Money that you save is more valuable than money that you spend right away
Created by: antoinette1