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what does it mean to be the only one left? sole
what is the bottom of your shoes? sole
what does male mean? a man
what is the stuff that is in envelopes? mail
another word for your spirit? soul
what is on the lions behind? a tail
lets create a tall _ ? a tale
when you get married you get these to go on your finger a ring
the _ around the pool the wring
what are we breathing? air
what does it mean when a person legally entitled to property or rank of that other persons death? heir
what does a rapper sing? rap
the _ is stuck on my sucker wrap or wrapper
these help me walk but are not my legs my feet
an achievement that requires good courage feat
lets _ the movie so we can get some snacks movie
the thing that helps animals walk besides legs paws
I had trouble seeing things that means im ? peer
what does it mean to be a structure leading out from the shore into a body of water, in particular is ? pier
what is on your face but its not a zit or pimple? a pore
can you _ my drink for me please? pour
rapenzel got saved by a handsome _ ? prince
what do you do before paper come out of the printer you print it
the air____ was going to crash into the water airplane or plane
this painting is so _____ it needs more color plain
the ___ got stuck to my tongue when I put it on the ____ pole
the long ___ was used for fire wood board or poll
____ your hand when you want to talk raise
there are little ____ of sunlight rays
Created by: antoinette1