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Stack #179225

science; water in the atmosphere

movement of water between the atmosphere. water cycle
the process by wich water molecules in liquid water escape into the air as water vapor. evaporation
water vapor is also added to the air by living things
process of breathing (animals) respiration
(sweating) perspiration
(give off vapor thru pores-leaves) transpiration
hole pore
full of holes. porous
is any form of water that falls from a cloud. precipatation
measure of amount of water vapor in the air. humidity
the precentage of water vapor in the air compared to the maximum amount of the air compared to the maximum amount the air could hold is called relative humidity
relative humidity is given as a precentage
the amount of water vapor the air can hold depends on its temperature
warm air can hold more than cold air
measures relative humidity. psychrometer.
______ form when _____ _____ in the air turns into ______ _____ or an ___ _______. clouds~water vapor~liquid water~ice crystal
_____ are ___ water vapor. Clouds~NOT
______ are _____ ________ Clouds~water droplets
process when molecules of water vapor become liquid. Condensation
cold air holds ____ water vapor than ____ ___ less~warm air
as air _____ the amount of water vapor _________ cools~decreases
temperature at wich condensation begins dew point
clouds are made up of millions of _____ ________ or ___ ________ water droplets~ice crystals
water vapor needs a _____ ________ on wich to condensate solid surface
solids in the air: dust,salt,smoke (particles)
water that condenses from the air onto a cold surface is called ... dew
ice that has been directly deposited onto a cold surface frost
______ form whenever air is _____ to its ___ _____ and particles are present. Clouds~cooled~dew point
Clouds form when ____ air near the ______ collect _____ and rises,where it cools and water wapor ___________. warm~ground~vapor~condensates
warm air rises in the ...... convection current
dew is not...... precipatation it does not fall from the sky.
frost is not.... frozen dew.
our weather usually comes from the.... west.
is usually the west side. windward
is the dry side of a mountain-usually the eastern side. leeward
place where very little rain falls. rain shadow
deserts form on the _______ side of the mountain. leeward
Meteorologists classify clouds into 3 main types: cumulus,stratus,cirrus
clouds are classified by their.... altitude
each type of cloud is associated with a different type of...... weather
cumulus clouds usually indicate... fair weather
cumulus clouds form at ____above the ground but can grow to_____ 2km.~18km.
means rain nimbus or nimbo
clouds that form in flat layers are called... stratus clouds
blanket,layered,sread out strato
stratus clouds can give you an ________ day. overcast
stratus clouds can be the color of___________ wich will not produce ____. light gray~rain
dark gray stratus clouds will most likely an ___ ___ _____ ____ all day heavy rain.
clouds that will produce rain or snow. nimbostratus clouds
wispy,feathery clouds only form at high altitudes.form at 6km. cirrus clouds
cirrus clouds are mostly made up of...... ice crystals
cirrocumulus clouds, wich look like rows of ______ _____,often indicate that... coton balls~a storm is on the way
alto means high ex.altocumulus
clouds that form at or near the ground is called..... fog
fog often form near the... ground
list the clouds from ground level up. fog,cumulus,stratus,nimbostratus,cumulonimbus, cirrus.
stratus clouds completely cover the ___ most of the time. sky
Created by: adriana bibeau