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Ocean Study Guide

Use this to study Ocean Stuff!

How many Oxygen molecules are in a water molecule? One Molecule.
In what 5 ways is water a unique compound? 1.) Its the only substance thats a solid, liquid, and a gas. 2.) Water Molecules are put together. 3.) It forms Drops. 4.) Ice can float on it. 5.) Salt dissolves in it.
What 3 atoms are in a water molecule? 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom.
Whats does Salinity mean? The definition of Salinity is: The saltiness or dissolved salt content of a body of water.
In a Water molecule, which of the molecules is negative and which of the molecules is positive? The Hydrogen molecules are positive and the Oxygen molecule is negative.
What does Cohesion mean? The definition of Cohesion is: The attraction of molecules that are alike.
What does Adhesion mean? The Definition of Adhesion is: The attraction of molecules that are not alike.
True or False: The density of ice is LOWER than the density of the same volume of liquid water. True.
Name 5 of Earths oceans. 1.) Pacific Ocean 2.) Atlantic Ocean 3.) Indian Ocean 4.) Southern Ocean 5.) Arctic Ocean
What are 2 sources for Earths oceans? 1.) Condensation 2.) The ice (melting) from Astroids & Comets.
How does the water in Earths oceans become salty? The water in Earths oceans become stay because of the rain washing over rocks and eroding them. The broken down material from the rocks then flow into the water, causing it to become salty.
What is brackish water? Brackish water is Fresh Water mixed with Sea Water.
Name 4 criteria scientists use when classifying ocean zones. 1.) The amount of sunlight the zone gets. 2.) The temperature of the zone. 3.) The salinity of the zone. 4.) The Density of the zone.
What are the 3 ocean zones? 1.) The Surface zone: Shallowest sea water. It gets the most Sunlight. 2.) The Middle/Twilight Zone: By the time the sunlight gets here almost all wavelengths have been absorbed. 3.) The Deep Zone: There is no sunlight. Plants don't grow.
What are resources that are found on or beneath the ocean floor? 1.) Methane Hydrates. Ex: Oil, Natural Gas, and Methane Hydrates. 2.) Minerals. Ex: Gold and Zinc.
Which of the 5 oceans is the deepest and the largest? The Pacific Ocean.
Whats the definition of Ocean Current? A large volume of water flowing in a certain direction.
What is a Gyre? A circular system of current.
What are 5 major Gyre's? 1.) North Pacific 2.) South Pacific 3.) North Atlantic 4.) South Atlantic 5.) Indian Ocean
Why des Upwelling occur? It occurs because of the vertical movement of water toward the ocean surface
Whats 1 benefit of Upwelling? 1 benefit of Upwelling is that it brings nutrient rich water to us.
How do Surface Currents effect the weather? Surface currents near warm regions are more humid than cold regions.
Whats the description of Density Currents? Density Currents move water downward.
What causes Density Currents? Changes in Density cause them.
Created by: ChungLuby