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Ocean Study Stack

This is review of the ocean.

What are the 5 Oceans? Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean
What is the definition of salinity? The mass of dissolved solids.
What are the 3 ocean zones? The Surface Zone, The Middle Zone, The Deep Zone.
What is the definition of the Surface Zone? It is where the ocean receives the most sunlight.
What is the definition of the Middle Zone? It is where the ocean absorbs most of the light lengths.
What is the definition of the Deep Zone? It is where the ocean receives no light.
What is one thing from the criteria scientists use to classify ocean zones? Sunlight
What chemicals are used to make water? Hydrogen, Oxygen
Name 3 types of ocean currents? Surface Currents, Density Currents, Wind Currents
What does Density Currents mean? When currents are being pushed downward because of how dense the water is.
What is gyre? Gyro is when ocean currents go into a specific direction.
Name the two Pacific gyros? North Pacific, South Pacific
Name the two Atlantic gyros? North Atlantic, South Atlantic
What is the other gyre if the pacific and Atlantic gyre are identified? Indian Ocean Gyre
What is the benefit of upwelling? Upwelling causes nutrient rich water deep in the ocean to come up onto the surface.
How can surface currents can be affectionate to weather? Surface currents in warm regions tend to become warm while surface currents in a cold region tends to get the surface current cold.
What is cohesion? When molecules bond or unite.
What is adhesion? The clinging of one substance to another.
Name three reasons why is water a unique compound? It is the only compound which can be solid, liquid and gas. It has a specific heat. Also, ice can float on the water.
What are the chemicals that make water? Hydrogen and Oxygen
What is polarity? Polarity is when opposite ends of a molecule is neutral.
Name the three states of matter? Solid, Liquid, Gas
Why can ice float on water? Because ice is less dense than water.
What is the symbol of water that scientists use instead of just writing water? H2o
Created by: NuradinYasin_023