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Prop H2O O.comp/curr

Properties of H2O, Ocean Composition, Ocean Currents

Water exists in nature in how many forms? What are these forms? 3; Solid, liquid, gas
At what temperature is water the most dense? 4 degrees Fahrenheit
Name the 2 types of attraction. Cohesion and adhesion
What property of water causes an attracting force? (Not Cohesion or Adhesion) Polarity
How many oxygen atoms are there in each normal water molecule? How many hydrogen atoms are in each normal molecule? 1 Oxygen; 2 Hydrogen
What property of water causes it to be the "universal solvent"? Polarity
Does the oxygen molecule in water have a negative or positive charge? Negative
Which is denser, water or ice? Water
How much salt is in average ocean water? 35 ppt
Freshwater has ___ ppt salinity. >0.5
Brackish water has >___ to <___ ppt salinity. 0.5; 35
What 2 oceans are party covered with sea ice? Arctic and Southern
What are the 2 sources of water for Earth's oceans? Condensation and Meteors (comets and asteroids)
What is salinity? Salinity is a measure of the amount of dissolved solids in a mass of water.
What are the 4 ways scientists classify ocean zones? 1) Amount of sunlight 2) Temperature 3) Salinity 4) Density
What are the 3 regions of a continental margin? 1) Continental Shelf 2) Continental Slope 3) Continental Rise
Upwelling causes water to move in this direction. Up
What is one benefit of upwelling? Cold, nutrient-rich water is brought up to the surface where algae, fish and other living things are supported by it.
Why do currents curve left (counter-clockwise) in the southern hemisphere? Coriolis effect
What is an ocean current? An ocean current is a large volume of water flowing in a certain direction.
What is a gyre? A gyre is a circular system of currents.
What are 5 major gyres? 1) North Pacific gyre 2) South Pacific gyre 3) North Atlantic gyre 4) South Atlantic gyre 5) Indian Ocean gyre
What causes density currents? Density differences; water that is colder or more salty is more dense
Surface currents are caused by _______? Wind
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