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ocean study stack

Name five of earths oceans and which one of them is the biggest. Indian ocean, atlantic ocean, paciffic ocean, southern ocean, artic ocean. Pacific is the biggest.
Explain how earths oceans became salty. Each of the oceans washed up onto shore and collected rocks, salt, and sand with it, slowly breaking down the rocks.
whats the diffrence between seawater and brackish water? brackish: fresh water mixed with sea water between 1ppt and 17ppt. sea water: water from an ocean that has 35ppt.
define salinity. a measure of the mass of dissolved solids in a mass of water.
what is the saltiest body of water out of the main 5 oceans (Atlantic, pacific, southern, Indian, artic.) the Atlantic ocean.
what are the 2 most common elements in water? hydrogen and oxygen.
what 2 things combine to make salt? Clorine and sodium.
what is an Esturarie? a partly enclosed coastal body of brackish water.
what is an hydrothermal vent? a fissure in a planets surface, heated water issues..
give me 3 regions of a continental margin. 1. continental shelf 2. continental rise 3. continental slope
what are 4 criteria scientists use to classify ocean zones? 1. sunlight 2. tempature 3. salinity 4. density
what are the minerals you can find under the ocean? manganese nodels, gold, and zinc.
describe a surface zone. shallow sea water that recieves the most sunlight. most plants live in the surface zone.
describe a middle zone. faint blue/green light into the ocean.
describe a deep zone. (midnight zone) where there is NO LIGHT, and plants don't grow.
point out 2 sources of water for earths oceans. 1. asteroids/comets in condensation 2. water vapor expelled from volcanoes
what are abyssal plains? larges flat areas of the sea floor.
why do water molecules attract to each other? because of their negative and positive charges.
is water adhesion or cohesion? water is adhesion
can water be a solid liquid or gas? water can be all 3
cause: in winter, the surface water of a pond cools to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. effect: the density decreases and the ice isolates the water below.
the density of freshwater is LOWEST at 4 degrees Celsius. True or False? False its at its GREATEST.
the particles of liquid water are CLOSER TOGETHER than the particles of the same volume of frozen water. True or False? True.
if its winter, and the top of the ice is frozen, is the bottom? why? no, because its warmer then the top of the ice so animals can live under the ice where its the temp. they like it.
how does ice float on water/ because the ice is less dense than the water below it.
Created by: lailahbyron3