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Voyage of the Mimi

Episode and Expedition 2 Vocabulary Words

companionway a stairway or ladder inside a boat
galley the kitchen area of a vessel
crow's nest a platform used as a lookout near the top of a mast on a sailing vessel
dorsal fin a fin on the back of a sea creature, such as a whale
breach a behavior of the humpback whale in which the whale leaps almost completely out of the water
fluke the flat part at the end of a whale’s tail
bow the front part of a boat or ship
lobtail a behavior of humpback whales; with its head pointing down in the water, the whale sticks its tail out of the water and slaps its flukes against the water surface
echolocation a way of locating objects by sending out sound waves and using the returning echo to determine distance, shape, and size
pod a herd or group of whales or other animals
baleen a material that grows from the upper jaws of certain whales, used to filter food from water
mysticete a whale that has baleen
odontocete a whale that has teeth
endangered threatened; in danger of becoming extinct
food chain a number of organisms dependent upon one another for their food needs, with one organism eating another and being eaten in turn by still another
species the basic category used for classifying living things that have certain characteristics in common
extinction the process of dying out, ceasing to exist
environment a combination of all the conditions that affect how a person or thing exists and grows
mizzen a sail on the mizzenmast, the shorter mast on a boat like the Mimi
staysail a sail set on a rope
halyard a rope used to raise and lower a sail
belay in sailing, to secure a rope by winding it around a pin or short post
furling line a rope used to hold a rolled-up or gathered sail when the sail is not in use
parrel beads strand of round, wooden beads used to hoist a sail smoothly up the mast
callosities tough, wartlike growths on the heads of right whales
Created by: Mrs. Schultz