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Prepare and show the production of alcohol by yeast

What substrate is used in the production of yeast? Glucose
The Glucose is broken down into alcohol using.... yeast
This type of respiration is called... Anaerobic
The control in this investigation is a ... flask with glucose solution only
The purpose of the fermentation lock is... to ensure anaerobic conditions develop within the flask
Name the liquid placed in the fermentation lock water or limewater
At which temperature does the reaction take place? 30 degrees celsius
Which gas is produced as the investigation proceeds? Carbon Dioxide
What effect does the gas produced have on limewater? It changes from clear to milky white
Why is the product filtered? To remove the yeast
Name the two chemicals used to test for alcohol. Potassium iodide and sodium hypochlorite
what colour is produced when the test chemicals are mixed? Brown
what temperature is needed to get a positive result? 60 degrees celsius
a positive test for alcohol is indicated by the formation of a yellow precipitate
Yeast belongs to which kingdom Fungi
Fermentation stops when The alcohol concentration rises and poisons the yeast
Other than free yeast what other type of yeast can be used in this investigation? Immobilised yeast
Alcohol which comes in contact with bacteria in the air is broken down into... vinegar
Created by: PDST Biology