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Lesson 11 vocabulary

Jenney's First Year

Cōpia, cōpiae, f. Supply; plenty; opportunity
Fāma, fāmae, f. Rumor, report; reputation
Īra, īrae, f, Anger, rage
Tēlum, tēlī, n. Weapon, spear
Laetus, laeta,laetum Joyful, glad
Novus, nova, novum New
Parātus, parāta, parātum Ready, prepared
Clāmō, clāmāre, clāmāvī, clāmātum Shout
Dēmōnstrō, dēmōnstrāre, dēmōnstrāvī, dēmōnstrātum Point out, to show
Labōrō, labōrāre, labōrāvī, labōrātum Toil, suffer, be in difficulties
Liberō, liberāre, liberāvī, liberātum Free, set free
Servō, servāre, servāvī, servātum Save; keep, guard
Rūrsus (adv) Back; again
Semper (adv) Always; continually; still
Created by: VanWhit