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Unit 2 Exam Study

Chemistry of Life Unit Study Help

The element lithium (Li) is most likely to react chemically with which element? Fluorine
Which element shares the same physical and chemical properties of neon (Ne), an invisible gas which doesn't react easily with other elements? Helium
Which of the following elements could easily substitue for Calcium (Ca)? Magnesium
Why do the skeletal muscle cells and smooth muscle cells look different from each other? They are specialized to perform different functions
Which organic molecule does Benedict's solution identify? Carbohydrates
What is an independent variable? variable that scientists choose to change
Hormones are a part of which body system? Endocrine system
Where is protein digested? Stomach and Small Intestine
Which organs are primarily responsible for removing waste products from the blood? kidneys and lungs
Name the organic molecule that is made of sugars and starches. Carbohydrates
What will happen to the heart rate as someone runs on the treadmill? it will increase
Why does heart rate increase while exercising? muscles need more glucose and oxygen because they are working harder
What are the bottom chambers of the heart called? ventricles
What is the difference between arteries and veins? Veins carry blood to the heart while arteries carry blood away from the heart
What is the sequence that blood travels through the body? heart to lungs to heart to body
What is the best way as 7th graders describe atoms? by constructing a model
What must happen to food in order for organisms to use it for growth and repair? food must be broken down
What gas does the body use to help convert into energy? oxygen
Where do waste products in the lungs come from? they are produced when glucose and oxygen react in cells, releasing energy
Which gas is produced as a waste product by the body? carbon dioxide
What is the structure of bones like? they are living structures that contain blood vessels and nerves
What part of the body sends messages between body organs? hormones
What path does a nerve impulse travel in the body? sensory neuron to spinal cord to motor neuron
Which two systems of the body directly interact to produce a reflex action? nervous and muscular
Created by: bumberns