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Environ 15.5-15.11

The Human Impact on the Environment Chapter 15.5 -15.11

recycling using natural resources over again
What natural resources are conserved by recycling? trees, minerals, and fossil fuels
How does recycling help to conserve fossil fuels? Recycling using less energy than finding new resources.
How does the use of plastic and nylon help to conserve natural resources? by replacing some iron and aluminum parts with plastic and steel cables with nylon cables
Why should water be conserved? the supply of clean, fresh water on earth is limited
What are two ways farmers can help prevent soil erosion? contour farming (plowing across the slope of the land) and terracing (created on the side of a hill)
Why do farmers add fertilizers to soil? to replace nutrients used by plants
strip cropping grasses are planted between rows of crops to hold water and help stop erosion
wildlife all the plants and animals that live in an area
endangered living things that are moving toward extinction
extinct describes living things that have died out
habitat loss of this is the main threat to wildlife
threatened living things whose numbers are going down
refuge area where living things are protected
What is the major cause of air pollution? the burning of fossil fuels
Air pollution occurs when harmful substances are released into the air
Two kinds of pollutants in smoke are ______. dust and soot
Smog is a mixture of _________, _________, and ________. smoke, fog, and chemicals
acid rain forms when some gases that are released into the atmosphere combine with water
When fossil fuels are burned they release ________ into the air. carbon dioxide gas
Some scientists think that an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the air may cause _________. the average air temperature to rise
What happens as a result of acid rain? it causes brick, stone and metal structure to weather or break apart, kills fish when it falls into lakes and streams, and harms trees
temperature inversion occurs when warm air is trapped between two layers of cold air and prevented from leaving an area by mountains
Installing _________ on factory smokestacks can reduce the number of particulates released into the air. filters
Air pollutants in burning fossil fuels carbon dioxide and other gases
Air pollutants in smog smoke and chemicals
Air pollutants from factory smokestacks solid particles (particulates),dust and soot
Air pollutants from automobile exhaust carbon dioxide
Air pollutants from burning wood in a fireplace smoke, dust and soot
Created by: ldorso