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Stack #178948

flavus yellow, blonde
interior lower, subsequent
praeripio to seize first, snatch away
probo to consider it proper
iugosus hilly, mountainous
insignis conspicuous, remarkable
affecto to strive for, aspire to
attenuo to make thin, weaken
exitium death, destruction
genu knee
sinuosus bent, curved
ferreus made of iron, violent
milito to serve as a soldier
habilis useful to, suited for
aetas age, time of life
turpis offensive, foul, disgusting
bellus beautiful
eximo to take out, remove
nimbus rain cloud, rain
fretum straight, channel
furtivus stolen, secret
ministerium duty (of a slave)
sedulus attentive, careful
loquor to speak
rado to inscribe, scratch
lasso to fatigue
redimio to wreathe
memini to remember
digitus finger
infamis notorious
apis bee
proicio to cast forth, throw out
convinco to overcome, prove
carnifex executioner
crux cross
garrulus chatty, wordy
bubo owl
rodo to gnaw, eat away
situs neglect, disuse
immundus unclean, foul
Jesus, I need some help WTF UR A DOG, LOL ROFL
Hey ram get down from there ram Ur a ram you dont belong there lol
Created by: gunther1



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