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the effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis. Practical questions

What plant is used in this investigation Elodea
how is the light intensity varied? move the lamp
Why is the stem cut at an angle? to increase the surface area for release of oxygen
At what temperature do plant enzymes work best? 25 degrees celsius
after moving the lamp why must you wait before recording release of bubbles to allow the plant time to adjust to the new light intensity
why are bubbles recorded at each distance three times? average values are more accurate that single values
how is carbon dioxide kept constant? use pond water or a solution of sodium hydrogen carbonate of known concentration
in relation to this investigation what is a limiting factor/ any factor which is in short supply and therefore prevents the rate of photosynthesis from increasing
if there are no bubbles... cut the stem again and gently crush the cut end between your fingers. This should release the bubbles
why is the pondweed kept at the bottom of the boiling tube? it is easier to count the bubbles
why is it more suitable to conduct this activity during summer time? Photosynthesis is taking place faster.
Created by: PDST Biology