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deserts etc.


in northern chile atacama
in southern california, where the space shuttle lands mojave
extending 800 miles along the southwest coast of africa namib
in northeast sudan nubian
on an arizona plateau painted
gypsum sand dunes in new mexico white sands
between the nile and red sea arabian
in the heart of australia gibson, great sandy, great victoria, and simpson
in mongolia and northern china gobi
in north africa, west of the nile libyan
in southern africa, in southwestern botseana and northern s. africa kalahari
in southern israel negev
region in southern argentina with desert plateaus patagonia
in southern arabian peninsula rub al-khali
world;s largest, in northern africa sahara
arizona, new mexico, california sonoran
india/pakistan border thar
large glacier in southeastern alaska muir glacier
depression extending from syria to mozambique, includes dead sea, lake tanganyika, jordan river, red sea, etc. great rift valley
mountain pass connecting afghanistan and pakistan khyber pass
steep rock in west central germany, rising perpendiculary on the right bank of the rhine river lorelei
largest deposit of coral in the world; on the coralsea off the northeastern coast of australia great barrier reef
vast treeless plains of central argentina pampas
region in western africa, servign as a transition zone between the arid sahara on the north and the wetter tropical areas to the south sahel
canyon in central colorado royal gorge
geological fault zone in california san andreas fault
largest monolith in the world; in the northern territory, australia uluru (ayers rock)
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