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Misc. Geography


in southern siberian russia; deepest lake in the world; estimated to contain 1/5 of all the earth's fresh surface water Lake Baikal
a saltwater lake, the largest lake in the world; bordered by azerbaijan, russia, kazakhstan, turkmenistan, and iran caspian
in the remains of a volcano in Oregon crater lake
between lakes michigan and ontario erie
swamp in south florida, home of the seminoles everglades
the lowest point in australia eyre
in glacier-cut valleys of central new york finger lakes
1st and 2nd largest in canada in northwest territories great bear and great slave lakes
in utah's mormon country great salt
the mississippi river's source in minnesota itaska
the largest lake in europe ladoga
the northermost point in the contiguous us lake of the woods
supposed scottish home of a monster loch ness
in western venezuela maracaibo
artificial lake formed by the hoover dam across the colorado mead
only great lake entirely in the us michigan
pollution-threatened lake in central florida okeechobee
swamp in georgia okefenokee
between lake erie and the st.lawrence seaway ontario
near new orleans pontchartrain
largest and westernmost of the great lakes superior
a california-nevada vacation spot tahoe
world's longest lake in africa's rift valley on the western border of tanzania tanganyika
highest lake in the world, between peru and boliviaq titicaca
shallow lake of western cambodia, the largest lake of southeast asia; during the monsoon season the high waters of the mekong river reverse the flow of this river and increase the size of the lake from about 1000 to 4020 square miles tonle sap
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