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This is about the structure of backeria.

Does bacteria contain a "true nucleus"? NO
Is a bacteria cell smaller than most plant and animal cells? YES
What are the different parts of a bacteria cell? 1) cytoplasm 2) cell wall 3) nucleolus (contins DNA or chromatin) 4) cell membrane (skin)
What kingdom are bacteria in? Monerae
What shapes do bacteria take? spiral rod sphere
Health problems with bacteria: What are two problems that bacteria can cause in humans? botulism salmonela
How does bacteria cause diseases in the body? by interfering with your body's cells normal operation....it make you sick
What do doctors prescribe to kill the bad bacteria in your body? antibiotics
Does bacteria reproduce slowly or quickly? Quickly
What are the two ways bacteria reproduces? asexually= mitosis binary fission
Can bacteria live anywhere, either hot or cold climates? YES
Benefits of Bacteria Do we use bacteria to make medicines and produce other chemicals our body needs through genetic engineering? YES
Benefits of Bacteria Can bateria in the ocean help combat polution? YES, it can naturally feed on spilled oil and cleans it up.
What is a benefit of bacteria in our environment? 1) it can fix nitrogen so it can be used 2) provides oxygen to the soil 3) acts as a decomposer (breaks down waste)
Can bacteria help other animals and plants survive? YES, they form symbiotic partnership to help them survive.
What is the chemical symbol for Nitrogen? N
What are the two forms of nitrogen? Free Fixed
What is Free Nitrogen? Gas that can not be used by plants or animals.
What is Fixed Nitrogen? A solid that can be used.
Created by: Buckman