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NALS Chapter19_75499


Administrator cum testamento annexo when the name executor of a will cannot or will not serve, the court appoints and administrator
Ancillary proceeding A proceeding that takes place outside the state of a decedents domicile due to do a probate requirement for real estate or tangible property in that state
Beneficiary trial by a judge, rather than a jury
Codicil An amendment to a will, either to add provisions or delete provisions of a will, which is executed with all the formalities of a will; this term means little will
Decedent Those persons who are in the blood line of the ancestors
Devise Also, prersiduary gift, a gift of real property by will. under the uniform probate code
Devisee The person to whom real property is given by will
Distributed in kind in estate administration, property that is not liquidated nd is distributed in the form in which it came
estate A persons property
Executor A person or entity appointed by a person to administer the terms of his will
Executor de bonis non Representative appointed by the court when the name executor to the will cannot or will not serve
Guardian ad litem person appointed by the court to represent a minor or incapacitated person in a legal proceeding
inter vivos trust A trust created during a decedents lifetime that becomes operative during his lifetime
Intestate Having dies without a will
Legacy A disposition of personal property by will
Legatee The person to whom a legacy is given in a will
Letters of administration Formal document issued by probate court appointing the administrator of an estate
Liquidation The conversion of all a debtor's nonexempt property in a bankruptcy proceeding
Minor A person under the age of legal competence
Probate Court proceeding by which a will is proved valid or invalid. the term is also used to mean all proceedings pertaining to the administration of an estate
Proof of will The process by which a decedents will is validated and admitted to probate
Self proved will A will that does not require further proof to be admitted to probate
Testate Having died leaving a valid will
Testator A person who makes a will
Vulnerable adults Adults who lack the mental or physical capability to care for themselves
Created by: Labria