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Geo Midterm Review

Where is Latin America located in relation to the USA? South
What countries are located on the Iberian Peninsula Spain and Portugal
What cultural influence can be found in Latin American countries? African Culture
Why is Roman Catholicism the primary religion in Latin American countries? Because of their history of colonization by European nations
What country is responsible for building the Panama Canal? United States of America
What type of climate does Southern Europe have? Mediterranean
What physical feature forms a natural border between Argentina and Chile? Andes Mountains
What physical feature do people commonly settle around? waterways/rivers
What is the average percentage of internet users in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines? 72.4%
What physical features have limited the development of transportation and communication systems in Latin America? mountain ranges, rain forests, and river systems
What is a cash crop? agriculture grown in order to be sold instead of consumed
What are the negative aspects of relying on cash crops? economic dependence on other nations
What is the main purpose of the European Union? encourage political and economic cooperation between member nations
The European Union has the biggest impact on a country's---- economy
What is hydroelectric power? electricity conducted through water
What physical feature has helped Spain, Italy, and Great Britain grow economically and transport goods? waterways
What currency do members of the EU use? Euro
Why would companies from industrialized nations build production facilities in Latin America? supply of inexpensive labor
What is terrace farming an example of? humans modifying the environment
What has the European Union done to encourage trade between member nations? eliminated trade barriers
What city in the USA has flooding issues similar to those in the Netherlands? New Orleans
What is a polder? land reclaimed from the sea
How is a polder constructed? building a windmill to pump water, building a wall along the shoreline, and building up the land for cultivation
Why was the European Union created? to increase communication and cooperation within Europe
Which historical events in Europe did not involved a water crossing? Napoleon's invasion of Russia
Created by: MrsSchaeffer



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