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Science chapter 7

What did mendel use to test inheritance of traits? Pea Plants
How many factors did Mendel believe combined to make one trait? 2 factors
What do we call the particales Mendel identified as factors? Genes
Give 2 examples of gametes Egg and Sperm Cell
How many chromosomes in human cells? 46
How man pairs of chromosomes in a human cell? 23
Is the number of chromosomes the same in all organisms No
How many chromosomes are found in the sperm and egg cells? 23
What is a Punnet Square used for? To determin the genes of offspring
Give an example of a human characteristic that is hybrid Being able to roll your tounge
Give an example of a human characteristic that is purebred Height, eye color, hair color.
In humans, the #____ pair of chromosomes indicates the sex of the child 23rd
The female sex chromosomes are____ and the male are____. Female: Xx Male: Xy
Does a mother or a father condribute the chromosome that determines the sex of the child? Father
Give an example of a sex-linked trait. Color blindness
Is the mother or Father responisble for passing on a sex linked trait? Mother
Is color blindness a dominate or recessive trait? Recessive
Genetics The inheritance of traits.
Gregor Mendel Munk who studied pea plants to learn about inheritance of traits.
Purebred Same though generations
Hybrid Offspring of two genetically unrealated parents.
Cross Mating of organisms to test traits
Factors Mendels word for genes
Dominate Masked traits
Recessive Can be Masked
Zygote The initial cell formed when two gamete cells are joined by means of sexual reproduction
Gamete A cell that carries half the genes
Genotype Its the code for characteristics
Phenotype Physical characteristics
Genes DNA segments
Incomplete dominace Combined traits
Multi-gene inheritace More than 2 genes
Sex-linked trait An inherited trait, that has corisponding on X not Y
Carrier You have the gene for a trait but its masked
Inheited disorder 2 traits combined to form a third
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