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Study for the Final

What part of the cell controls what enters and leaves the cell? cell membrane
What is the movement of water across a cell membrane called? osmosis
how many variables are puposely changed in a controlled experiment? one
name three things that can affect an enzyme's function temp, ph, concentraion
of what macormolecule are enzymes made? protein
What do catalsts do to chemical reactions? speed up
How do catalyst accomplish this? lower activation energy
What does a eukaryoteic cell contain that prokaryote does not? nucleus
Name two structures found in a plant cel lthat are missing in an animal cell chloroplast, cell wall, large vacuole
which organisms are prokaryotes? bacteria
What is the light absorbing pigment of plants?
Where does photosynthesis occur? chloroplasts
Where does lactic acid fermentation occur? muscle
What are the two main parts of a copied chromosome? centromere and chromatid
What part of the cell packages proteins? golgi apparatus
What is the smallest living thing that exists? cell
What type of cells lack membrane bound organelles? prokaryote
What term represents maintaining a stable internal environment of the body? homeostasis
What happens to the ATP molecule when energy is released? ADP(loses phosphate group)
During respiration, what does the mitochondiron use to create ATp? glucose/sugar
What is the word formula for photosynthesis? water+carbon dioxide + sunlight(energy)=Glucose+oxygen
How do the reactants and products of photosynthesis compare to respiration? The products for photosynthesis are the reactants for respiration. The products for respiration are reactants for phtotsynthesis.
Which type of organisms can't make food for themselves? heterotroph
What studs the surface of the rough endoplasmic reticulum? ribosomes
Name at least two organelles that are part of protein production ribosome, golgi
Identify the metric system unit for mass, temperature, length and volume gram, celsius, meter, liter
When referring to the pH scale, where are the most acidic and basic substances found? far away from seven
Which organelles help to provide energy to cells? mitochondria and chloroplasts
What three things are produced from the light dependent reaction of photosynthesis? Oxygen, ATP, and NADPH(electron carrier)
Identify the four macromolecules and their building blocks. proteins-amino acids, carbohydrates-monosaccharides, nucleic acids-nucleotides, lipids-fatty acids and glycerol
What are the three stages of respiration? glycolysis, krebs cycle, and ETC
What is diffusion? movement of molecules across a cell membrane
How does a hypothesis become a theory it is proven many times
What is a testable possible explanation for a set of observations called? hypothesis
Why do different cells in our body have their own special jobs even thought they contain the same DNA? cell specialization
What is produced from mitosis? two identical cells
What is produced from meiosis? 4 different haploid gametes
Where does meiosis occur? sex cels
What are gametes and how is their chromosome amount indicated? sperm, egg, haploid 1N
What process during prophase 1 allows chromosomes to exchange alleles during meiosis crossing over
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